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Tips to lowering your blood pressure without medication

Written By: JBarnum

Key tips to low­er­ing your high blood pres­sure through exerciselow pressure life Tips to lowering your blood pressure without medication

One of the main fac­tors con­tribut­ing to high blood pres­sure is being over­weight. Being over­weight is likely to make you 2–6 times more likely to develop high blood pres­sure dur­ing your life. Los­ing just 5–10 pounds can make a huge dif­fer­ence in pre­vent­ing or reduc­ing your blood pressure.

To pre­vent or reduce high blood pres­sure it is smart to get reg­u­lar exer­cise. Stud­ies have shown that indi­vid­u­als who work out or take part in phys­i­cal exer­cise can reduce their high blood pres­sure as much as 10–50% than those who remain phys­i­cally inac­tive. Pre­ven­tion can be as sim­ple as tak­ing a walk for 20–30 min­utes a day 3–4 times a week. Read more here


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